I asked Bogie and Bacall what they thought about Lincoln University requiring obese students to take a fitness course that meets three hours a week before they can graduate.  Here's what they said:

BOGIE:  Obese?  Did someone call me obese?  I'm really just very fluffy.  But I know if someone forced me to learn about fitness, I would do so, then promptly forget what they taught me.  I don't need a class to tell me I eat too much!  And being singled out in a humiliating way would likely make me eat that many more cat crunchies!  If I was addicted to sleeping 16 hours a day (oops, maybe I am) and someone said I had to cut down to 12 hours a day of sleep, as soon as their back was turned, I would be snoring. 

BACALL:  Well, I am just a little skinny mini--really, unlike Bogie who likes to "Photoshop" his pictures to appear thinner.  I never have overeaten, and I probably never will, because that is not my habit.  I can't change my habits overnight, and it takes a personal commitment to a long-term change to be of any use.  Bogie could sure cut down on the crunchies, but I tell him to, he won't.  He has to want to himself.  I do like to sleep 16+ hours a day, and no one is going to change that!  I can tell you right now... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


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    My life isn't all that exciting, but I have two cats who are very opinionated and really quite fascinating (at least in their own minds). 


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