I asked Bogie and Bacall what they thought about the recent controversy surrounding Tiger Woods--his accident and his alleged affair.  Here's what they had to say.

BOGIE:  The car accident was news.  However, Tiger has the right to his privacy regarding his marriage and family.  Being a golfer doesn't make you "public property" by any means.  It would be like someone snooping in my litter box and reporting on what they found there!  What happens in my litter box stays in my litter box, and what happens in a person's marriage that has nothing to do with, say, their sports ability, should stay in a person's marriage!

BACALL:  Bogie, why on earth would anyone WANT to snoop in your litter box???  What I don't understand is why people want to hear all the worst and most scandalous things about other people.  Cats aren't like that.  You stay out of my face, and I stay out of yours!  As perfect as cats are (and especially me), we make mistakes and do things we are not proud of (Bogies does them all the time in his litter box).  None of us has the right to throw cat litter (especially used!) at anyone else.  That's my opinion, and I stand by it.  Just as long as I don't have to stand by Bogie's litter box.   


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    My life isn't all that exciting, but I have two cats who are very opinionated and really quite fascinating (at least in their own minds). 


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