Some very controversial lawsuits have been and are in the courts in the area where I live.  The lawsuits concern overtly religious content and expression in the classroom and at school-sponsored special events.  At issue is teachers and officials doing everything from leading Christian prayers before a sports event to preaching with a bullhorn in the school parking lot.  This being the deep south, there is a great deal of pressure put on students to conform to Christian (mainly Baptist) viewpoints, and some see this as improperly using the strong influence of teachers and school officials to "indoctrinate" schoolchildren in fundamental Christianity.  Some students have been told they will "go to hell" if they complain about religion in their schools.  Other people believe that limiting what teachers and officials can say or do as far as religion goes is an infringement of their free speech rights.  What do you think Bogie and Bacall would have to say about all this?

BOGIE:  This is not a problem for me, because I only worship myself.  I give everyone else the right to worship me, too.  You could say I rightfully expect unanimity of opinion and religious observance--feed me, pet me, care for me, bring me offerings of tuna and catnip, love me, I am a God.  But I am polite enough to respect the rights of others, so I don't preach to them or condemn them if they don't realize I am the center of the universe.  That is just commonsense and polite social practice, don't you think?  If anyone tries to push their beliefs on me, I will bite them.  HARD.  Cats don't need lawyers, but maybe people do if other people don't have as much social sense and respect for others' beliefs as a housecat . 

BACALL:  I will settle for being Princess and Boss of the House, I don't need to be a Goddess. I think everyone should be able to do/say what they want, as long as that doesn't take away from spoiling me rotten.  If I had kittens, I would teach them not to be afraid of what other cats believe, however goofy their beliefs may be.  For instance, Bogie believes he is the boss--WRONG!!!  I think religion would be OK in school if ALL religions were taught and especially if respect for others' beliefs is strongly emphasized.  If my kittens decided they liked the religion the dog next door believes in--which I think centers around eating Milkbones and pissing on trees--I wouldn't complain.  I would just laugh.  No one gives a kitten a crunchy for pissing on a tree.  But I digress.  Let everyone believe what they want to, don't throw kitty litter at anyone for believing what they believe, and don't claim YOUR truth is the ONLY truth that's what I think.  And if you want to know the REAL truth, about anything, just ask me.


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    My life isn't all that exciting, but I have two cats who are very opinionated and really quite fascinating (at least in their own minds). 


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