I got my flu shots today--regular and H1N1 (one in each arm).  Some people don't think flu shots are a good idea, and many don't trust the new H1N1 vaccine.  I work in a high-risk environment, interacting with grade school teachers and specialists, so I decided to go ahead with getting the shots.  What would Bogie and Bacall do?

BOGIE:  Shots?!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

BACALL:  Oh Bogie, you're such a crybaby.  Afraid of a little needle.  Come here, Bogie, and sample my needle-sharp claws.  I don't think Mom should have gotten the shots.  I want her to get the flu and stay home sick so I can snuggle up to her feverish body.  And I bet she doesn't feel so good tomorrow after having two shots!  But then again, I do want her to be able to go to work and earn my cat crunchies.  I get shots at the veterinarian once a year, and I don't even cry!!  Of course, I wail in the car all the way to the vet's and all the way back, but you have to expect a little drama from a drama queen.  I guess we'll find out if Mom's shots work or not.  The odds are always 50-50:  either they work or they don't.  If she didn't get the shots and she got the flu, who would she have to blame but herself?  Me, I would blame Bogie.  I blame him for everything.  That works for me!


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