CNN published a report today on “everyday heroes.”  I believe there is a hero in most people just waiting to be drawn out by the right circumstances, and there are little, everyday acts of heroism going on all around us, but we don’t read about them.  What do you think, Bogie and Bacall?

BOGIE:  I will be your hero, Mom, if you get me a cool outfit like Superman’s but with a big “B” on the shirt instead of “S.”

BACALL:  Oh come on, Bogie, you’re no Superman.  I would like to see you fly your 15 lb. body around the room.  And I sure don’t want to see you in tights, no matter what!  How about a Catwoman costume for me?  I would be fetching in it, I know.  But I agree with Mom.  What we read in the news is people being selfish, judgmental, greedy, dishonest, and violent.  If we read more about kindness and heroics, it would be inspiring instead of sickening.  People could learn a lot about bravery from cats and dogs, cuz we love unconditionally.  Love is the foundation for bravery--it gives us the strength to be brave.  And most of us are stronger than we think.


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