I recently read about a bullying incident involving teenagers that was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube and CNN iReport.  The result was that real action was taken against the bully.  I am aware that bullying is a BIG problem in public schools.  There were bullies even way back when I was growing up, and I can recall being the target of bullies on more than one occasion.  I’m convinced there will always be bullies.  I wonder what turns a child into a bully, and what can be done about it?  I’m sure Bogie and Bacall have an opinion about this. 

BOGIE:  Bacall is a bully!  One day I was walking down the hallway, headed for my food dish.  Bacall came running up and threw her hip into me, knocking me into the wall, so she could get to the food first.  Then, of course, she ate about three crunchies and walked away.  She was mean to me for no reason!  I am going to sue her for mental anguish!   

BACALL:  Bogie weighs twice what I do, and he complains because I am a bully.  The real problem is that he is a wuss.  If he ever stood up to me, I wouldn’t bully him any more.  Maybe he should video my bullying and post it on CNN catseyeReport.  The thing about bullies is that you have to take a stand against them, or they never quit.  Sometimes that means having the courage to report a bullying incident and insist on action.  I have a big motivation to bully Bogie, because I want the best, freshest crunchies in the dish before he drools on them.  But I might bully him just because I am unhappy or I don’t like myself.  (Of course, that isn’t true.  I LOVE MYSELF, and I make sure Mom and Dad keep me happy.)  Most of all, I bully him for the fun of it.  Unless something happens to take the fun out of it, I guess I’ll keep bullying him.  I won’t take responsibility for my actions unless I am forced to, and maybe not even then.  I am a cat, after all, and I can do no wrong in my own eyes.  And I have Mom and Dad wrapped around my paw, so they won’t believe I have done wrong.  I guess a video might open their eyes.  Where is that movie camera, anyway?  I’m gonna bury it in my litter box.


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